The endless Skin of the Axolotl

Stage Design


An expressionless face, with no features other than the eyes. A grotto-like cellar. And we become lab assistants. The axolotl is a gilled larval form of a species of the genus Ambystoma and a god-being from Aztec mythology. Its existence tells of eternal survival and a refusal to grow up.

We organize a happening in a kind of aquarium. We examine and dissect the axolotl, the human-like limbs, the pink gill branches, the lidless eyes. We watch it incessantly. We try to unravel its slowed movements underwater, longing for the promise of rebellion hidden behind the refusal and stopping of time: Now, I am an axolotl!

Concept, Choreography: Yolanda Morales, Dance: Sara Ezzell, With: Carolina Burandt, Yolanda Morales, Christopher Ramm, Pauline Schönfelder, Dramaturgy: Pauline Schönfelder, Composition, Live Sound: Christopher Ramm, Stage design, projections: Carolina Burandt, Artistic advice: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Lighting design: Doria Worden, Cover photo: Pauline Schönfelder, Graphic design: Judith Hilgenstöhler

THE ENDLESS SKIN OF THE AXOLOTL was supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.